ResinKast« Advantages:

Lower Costs
For a fraction of the costs, ResinKast« products perfectly duplicate the texture, beauty and elegance of natural stone, wood and cast stone. ResinKast's« lightweight construction allows for easier installation and eliminates the need for costly weight bearing walls and substructures resulting in savings up to 40% of installed costs of natural materials.

Natural Beauty and Texture
Using proprietary techniques, ResinKast« products perfectly capture the intricate details and texture of natural stone and wood. OTB's highly skilled artisans hand carve natural materials and use the carved originals to cast duplicate moldings and then apply colors to exacting shades and brilliance to the manufactured moldings to create indistinguishable duplicates.

With several colors to choose from or custom capabilities, elements are painted at the factory using the highest quality UV resistant finishes that will not chip, crack or peel.

Lightweight Construction
ResinKast« is much lighter in weight than natural materials, weighing less than 1 lb. per square foot, which saves cost in transport, installation and labor. Lightweight ResinKast« products are an ideal solution for fast-track construction and can be used in full replacement of natural material applications that typically require large heavy element profiles that are difficult and costly to install and unsafe in the event of an installation mistake.

Extremely Durable
ResinKast« products are manufactured from a proprietary high-density resin system that offers an overall 18 ľ 22 pound density perácubic foot making these products capable of providing years of durable service.
Resistant to Moisture and Pests
« features a "closed cell" structure that doesn't absorb water, so they will not rot, crack or split unlike styrofoam products that absorb moisture and can break down. Also, being resin-based, our products are impervious to insect damage.

Easy Installation
ResinKast's« lightweight construction allows for ease of handling. Installation is accomplished with simple carpenter tools, industrial adhesive, finishing nails and color matched caulking.

Easy Maintenance
ResinKast « can be cleaned with a simple mild soap and water solution, or repainted and stained.

Vs. Styrofoam
ResinKast« provides a cost comparable to conventional styrofoam mouldings. While styrofoam products are hand pitted or chemically altered to try to look like natural materials, ResinKast« elements are cast from an original material and to exacting specifications, resulting in a much more natural and real appearance. ResinKast« products are also superior in density, typically 18 lb. + density p.c.f. compared to only 1.5 lb. p.c.f. for foam.

Vs. Precast Stone
ResinKast« offers an exceptional replica equal to precast stone in any shape or form. Because of ResinKast's« lightweight construction and ease of installation, labor costs for installation are typically 25% to 40% less than conventional concrete precast stone.

Vs. Natural Materials
ResinKast« perfectly duplicates the beauty of natural materials yet they are lighter in weight, easier to install and can even be customized in color and shape to be exactly what an architect or builder is looking for.

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