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Beginning with a piece of real Coral Stone, craftsman utilizing sophisticated stone cutting equipment cut and shape the stone to make a “master”. The master is what will be reproduced.

Once the master has been cut to the designed shape it must be painstakingly detailed to accept the silicone molding material.

A wooden box is constructed to surround the master. This box will hold the silicone molding material.

The silicone molding material is catalyzed and dispensed over the master.

After a 24 hour curing period, the mold is removed from the master.

The now cured mold is placed back in the moldbox and is ready to go to the production line.

A protective coating is applied to the mold using HLVP spray equipment.

State of the art blending and dispensing equipment is used to dispense ResinKast’s® proprietary blend of resins into the prepared mold.

The mold and moldbox with the resin is then placed into an automatic press to allow the resin system to go through it´s curing cycle.

Once the curing cycle is complete, the molded piece is removed from the mold.

A base color is sprayed on the molded piece.

A specially fromulated glaze is then applied and hand wiped to create the natural color and tone of the master stone.

The original master stone at the bottom has been faithfully reproduced down to the most smallest detail.