(a). Substrate must be Brown Coat Stucco or Base Coat Stucco with a minimum cure period of 48 hours. Irregularities should be less than 1/8” thick and surface should be clean, dry, and free of oil, grease, dirt and loose materials.

(b). ResinKast architectural elements are manufactured using a proprietary high-density resin system. Elements can be designed solid or hollow, depending upon size. A reinforcing fiberglass mesh flange (patent pending) extends along the edges of each element. This reinforcing mesh is an open weaved treated glass fiber, with a weight of 4.3 oz / square yard and tensile strength of 150 PSI. One side of the mesh is continuously embedded into the resin with 4” minimum penetration; the other anchor extends out by at least 4” along the edges. Embedded anchor tabs every 16” allow for weight support distribution to accommodate adhesive curing.

(c). ResinKast products are shipped with a primer base coat finish that will accept any final coat of paint.

(d). Apply a PL Premium Polyurethane adhesive manufactured by OSI or equivalent to the entire area of the ResinKast element that will come in contact with the wall for hollow trims, and apply a minimum 1/4” bead every 2” for solid trims.

(e). Connect ResinKast elements to wall surface by pressing glued surfaces of the trim to wall surface. Hold in place for 1 to 2 minutes. If the adhesive is insufficient to support the ResinKast element, use mechanical fasteners inserted through anchor tabs for support until adhesive is cured. Mechanical fasteners shall be 3/16” or 1/4” tapcon anchors with corrosion resistant coating or equivalent and with 1 1/4” minimum penetration. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to cure.

(f). Thoroughly mix 1 to 1 by weight of Portland cement Type I or II and a polymer based product. Allow the mixture to set for 5 minutes.

(g). Apply one coat of the Portland cement mix on wall surface underneath reinforcing mesh using a stainless steel notched trowel. Fully embed the reinforcing mesh in the wet mixture, troweling from the trim to the edge of the reinforcing mesh so as to avoid wrinkles. The overall minimum Portland mixture thickness shall be sufficient to fully cover the mesh, with an approximated minimum thickness of 1/4”.

(h). After the Portland mixture is cured a minimum of 24 hours, apply a coat of stucco finish over adjacent wall and over the reinforced mesh area previously covered with the Portland mix up to the edge of the ResinKast trim using a stainless steel trowel and floated to a desired texture. Air and surface temperature for application of mixture must be 40 degrees or higher and must remain so for a minimum of 24 hours.

(i). When joining two pieces of ResinKast products, 1/8” to 1/4” space should be allowed between items to accommodate expansion. The joint to be sealed to a depth of at least 1/4” using, as necessary, backer rod and H2U Acrylic Urethane Sealant, manufactured by OSI or equivalent.

Miami-Dade County, Florida NOA No 07-0813.02, Expiration Date: October 4, 2012

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